Gate Access Request - Gate Sentry

All gate access requests for visitors, including vendors, should be made via Gate Sentry. Gate Sentry is based on the latest mobile technology, which links residents directly to the security staff via your mobile device. Visitor information is updated in real time. 


Call Brianna PoPour at American Security at 864-582-8048 (guardhouse) or at 864-775-1375 (mobile)  for information regarding Gate Sentry and to set up your account.  An access code is required along with your email address.  Security will show you how to use the system and update your information.


Gate Sentry is a benefit to you as a member of the community. Please confirm and update your access list frequently. 

Security Contact Information Cell phone: 864-775-1375


Guard House: 864-582-8048 


E-Mail address: 

A Gate Access Request may be submitted via E-Mail, however  GATE SENTRY is PREFERRED since security may not see your E-Mail request in a timely manner due to traffic load conditions. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE Access Request at the Guard House.